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on Jul 28, 2010 in creative journey, news and notices | 7 comments

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007 copy

(polaroid sx-70 / tz artistic film)

i have been a little bit speechless over here, knocked knees and blushing pink.  the response to my e-course and the support that i have received around that fills my heart and as i wander through my days with intent.

my e-course information page will be up sometime in the next two weeks as i am still working out some of the details.  in the meantime, i am putting together a mailing list for those of you have emailed me or commented on my previous post.  if you would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact me.


lately i have been raising my arms up to the warm blue sky and continuing to listen to my heart and to the whispers of the earth.  my garden continues to teach me wisdom whispering and shouting as plants flower and produce life, yellow squash becomes round and full under the tangles of leaves as tomatos ripen on stalks that threaten to tower up past my shoulders and i marvel at the abundance given to me.

in the past week, i have witnessed more beauty and acts of kindness than one heart should be able to hold and yet instead of overwhelming me, it causes me to pause and expand and understand that everything that we do is important.  i’ve been taking a year long class with the heartfilled kate.  its called the courageous year and i have been learning, growing, stretching and expanding on lessons that have previously wandered around hitting up against the tender spots of my heart.

i am learning to trust myself, to trust my voice, to trust the voices inside my heart and live, really live the path that my heart speaks.  life is sometimes really really hard but love trumps everything.  everything.  and its really okay to live in those soft spots of love, to be vulnerable and to feel because really, at the end of the day, isn’t that what we are here for?


and just for fun, some places where you can find pieces of me,

my interview with kate … seriously, her e-book class is the real deal and is so filled with truth

i have a photo in the squam art journal and seriously can’t wait to hold it in my hands and feel the magic of collaboration and love

so loving being a part of the exquisite corpse collective and indulging my shoe porn over at daily shoes pictures, friendships and art go together like fine wine and chocolate (the rich dark kind)

and of course, indulging in a little bit of nap drool, as so wonderfully captured by my husband on saturday in our backyard,

 006 copy

(polaroid sx-70 / tz artistic film / photo by paul ‘duke’ paetz)